Identity, Self-Worth and Loneliness

Loneliness is a condition all humans face.

Studies demonstrate that newborns respond to gentle touch, and soft kind voices. Science can be sterile, I prefer to say, this is how love nurtures us!

This need and desire for love in all its wonderful displays is like fresh water on the fertile ground of our hearts!

Folks, we are purposely designed to give love and to receive love. It is the life blood of our being!

When Jesus, our Creator Incarnate, commands us to love one another, He does so with our design in mind and how utterly important it is to the health and welfare of our entire being!

But what kind of love is Jesus speaking of?

In the last century with the dawn of technology and music we have been saturated with ‘love songs’ and romantic movies, and Valentines Day, and dating sites. One would think we are a culture filled with overflowing love!

This is not the case.

Depression and suicide are epidemic in our society.

Despite freedom of movement and communication, loneliness is a major factor in these aforementioned afflictions.

So, what is the cure? Love.

Not self-centered, narcissistic love, but relational love.

In some of his last words recorded by John the Apostle, Jesus said that He was ‘in the Father and the Father was in Me’.

Heavy words.

In denotes a deep, abiding relationship. God is Love. God is one God expressed in the Person of the Father intricately united with the Son, and the Son intricately united with the Father in the communion of the Holy Spirit. I call God— the Shared Life.

All creation is interdependent. There is nothing that exists in and of itself. Nothing. All creation reflects the Creator’s nature.

The Good News that Jesus brings to us is first, that we have been lied to. This lie has convinced us that we are alone. We are not. Jesus has included us in His relationship with His Father! Right now, whoever is reading this, whatever your circumstances are—-you are not alone.

As you grow in this Truth of all Truth’s, the affects of the Lie will begin to lose its control over your life.

Like a new born you will feel and hear the love of your Creator and you will be nurtured by Love Himself.

The result? Joy! Laughter! Freedom to love others and receive love from others! And, you will learn how to receive God’s love in a myriad of different ways from feeling His love in the breeze on your face to His wink during a beautiful sunset. His love can never be exhausted!

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