Identity, Self-Worth and Nobility

There are many who have inherited what we call—nobility. There inherit a high rank in society because of their lineage. This nobility does not necessarily automatically impart excellent qualities of character or a handsome appearance, nor outward beauty. It simply means an inheritance has been departed, how that person lives, depends upon many factors. Some folks live a life drinking deep the wine of pride and wanton living, void of any moral/ethical excellence.

You may not be aware of this fact, but you have inherited a high ranking nobility! Yes, you are an image bearer! Created in the image and likeness of the Creator of the universe! The Maker of ALL THINGS!

The sad reality is most of humanity does not know this truth, and lives in the poverty and squalor that this Present Evil Age propagates. It is an insidious propaganda! One person deems themselves more valuable than another, one race exalts themselves over other races, men treat women as inferiors, women resent men and repay them in kind, and this behavior has inculcated itself in the human race, or in other words, it is a basic characteristic of humankind.

Jesus tells us to love one another. Why? Because He created us! He knows Who we are. We all deserve the respect, honor, and the nobility to love and be loved!

But, we don’t, do we? We gossip, deceive, hate, attack, tear down, all because we do not know know Who we are!

Dear Reader, you are not Who others say you are! You are not Who you think you are! You are so, so, much more! Once you believe the Good News that your Creator has found you, reconciled you back to Himself through His own action and initiatives, He will flood you heart with His Light/Truth, and you will begin the journey of DETOXING the lies of this Evil Age, and discover what it means to be an image bearer!

How you ask? Simple communication. Use your own heartfelt words—-something like this- ”Jesus thank you for meeting me in this moment…I turn away from the lies of this world and I turn to you my Savior and Creator…fill me up now with your love and Spirit, and lead me on to discover who you created me to be and walk and live in that nobility you impart!

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