Identity, Self Worth, and Perspective

How do you see yourself? What is your perspective?

Perspective: outlook, view, viewpoint, point of view, angle, slant, attitude, frame of reference, way of thinking—interpretation.

Have you been labeled and live in that label?

Has an event defined you?

Race? Gender? Economic status? Neighborhood you live in? Country?

We humans are constantly searching for purpose and meaning, and we often find it on the Street called—Perspective.

For some it is a happy street, for others it is a dead end, and for others, it is a nightmare!

How does your Creator ‘see’ you? What is his perspective? His viewpoint? His attitude toward you? Toward Humanity?

Before I share with you my perspective, I have no idea what your religious views are, but I encourage you not to let it keep you from this Truth.

Jesus was God Incarnate, that is, God-come-in-the-flesh! Our flesh!

He entered into our Story! Your Story! And he has a perspective—a Divine Perspective!

All the motifs in the Gospel Stories describe our Creator with an overwhelming, passionate, love for those who were demeaned, discarded, marginalized, and of course labeled—sinners.

How did he ‘see’ these people? What was his perspective?

First, remember, Jesus walked in Eden with Adam and Eve. He created them for fellowship.

They were designed as his Image Bearers! Ponder that! What a noble, high bearing for Adam and Eve and their Seed—Humanity. They walked with God!

Jesus experiences the pain and lost-ness of his creation. He sees that they do not know WHO THEY ARE!

But he knows Who they are! And he loves them, even those who crucified him!

For he knew his profound act of love would redeem, restore, and awaken his creation to their true identity once and for all!

So my friend, Who are you? You are his Image Bearer! Yes, for now flawed, goofy, sometimes lost, but the more you walk in this Truth, the more you will awaken to Who you really are! He will make sure of that!

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