Identity, Self-Worth and the Female Image Bearer

This Blog is directed primarily at female readers, although I pray men will read and learn.

Where do females find their self worth?

Standing in line at a grocery store, you will notice females on the majority of magazine covers. Beauty is one attribute that females strive for to attain to a measure of self worth/identity.

There is a story of a gorgeous female super model who was internationally famous and lauded, almost worshiped.

One day she accidentally cut the side of her face. The wound healed except for a small scar. A scar that only she noticed. She could not except less than perfection and committed suicide.

All her self worth was measured by her perception of herself in the mirror.

How often we hear stories of female teens killing themselves because they dont measure up to peer expectancy.

Or even little girls who see themselves as less than their peers.

We love in an external beauty culture…selfies..models…porn…even older women dressing as though they were in their prime.

For what? They want to know they have worth.

It is all part of the Great Lie!

You are fashioned, designed, in the image of the One God. You can think, reason, —choose.

This is what it means to be in His image.

And when you are living in friendship with Him, all those virtues are exercised in healthy, life-giving ways!
Live in His light and you will far exceed any sense of self worth the Great Lie can offer you.

You are so much more than a conjured image of supposed beauty.

My mother, Mary Norma, was one of the most beautiful female image bearers I have known. She birthed 7 children. Fed us. Rocked us when we were sick. Did most of the parenting when my father was out at sea in the military.

I cant remember hearing her complain….

I hold her in high esteem!

One of the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known!

Beautiful on the inside and it glowed on the outside. Not on some magazine or selfie, but was impressed upon the hearts and minds of those who knew her!

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