Identity, Self-Worth and the Glue of Life

I am a student of history. For me, understanding the times I now live in depends on how aware I am of what the forces were that shaped the Present.

No matter how far one studies people groups, empires or nation-states and their constant evolution, there is a glue, if you will, that holds them together, if even for a short time– and that glue is– who holds the power.

From small bands of humans wherein the man who is the strongest and shrewd, to the Roman Emperors to the Kings and Queens of Europe to the Tyrants Hitler, Stalin and Mao, to the Republic we now live in—the person(s) who hold the power is the glue that holds a people together. And as history attests, there is a graveyard of nations.

One observation is that the majority of people are truly Sheeple. And without a leader they wander. And more notably, Sheeple long for a Leader, one who will bring order and lead them, sadly and often, to their own demise.

Most people never develop nor envision themselves as leaders. I am suggesting in this discussion that there is a latent leader in all of us.

But it takes, well, for lack of a better term, revelation to see this!

How do you ‘see’ yourself? Who are you? What is your worth in your own estimation?

The Good News proclaims to us that we are Image Bearers. That is, the One God who created All Things, designed us in His image and likeness. In the context that we are thinking, reasoning, feeling, free will beings.

He desires that we walk with Him and discover this identity, and the Worth He has bestowed upon us!

In doing this, we begin to be leaders, not Sheeple! We no long fall prey to deceptions and lies of those who, in their own delusions, would seek to use us to define their identity and self worth.

There is a divine nobility bestowed upon us folks, discover it! You ask how? Jesus proclaimed He is the Light of the Cosmos! He is the revelation of Who we are as a race, and Who you are as a person.

Don’t believe me? Ask Him yourself.

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