Identity, Self-Worth and the Grace of Hope

Why do we humans experience despair?

It is a gnawing feeling. It illicit’ s impending fear. Many folks ‘give up’. Some feel there is no reason to live, no purpose to fuel their dreams.

Every human being experiences despair. There is always an opposite in this Age we live in. And Hope, is the opposite of despair.

Our problem is the roots of Hope in us run very shallow. We assume our strengths will obtain our dreams. Whether it be physical, mental, financial, or emotional or spiritual strength, once we run out of these strengths, we begin to immediately—despair!

We were designed by our Creator to experience life and living with Him! We were not designed to face this life ‘on our own’. We are designed to experience the Shared Life! A life of sharing the experience and learning Who we are and Why we are Loved—with Him!

But, nevertheless, here we are in this Age where Despair dominates and Hope seemingly dies and someone else takes up the Banner of Hope.

Enter the Grace of Hope!

Grace is such a beautiful word! It is like an unplanned, unexpected, undeserved blessing that just comes to us! It is exactly that! And, it tracks us down and will find us because its origins are Divine!

And the treasure that Divine Grace pours out upon us is Divine Hope! Mind you, not human hope, which does not have the stamina to endure really much at all, but Divine Hope! A Hope that only knows victory! A Hope that only sees blessings! A Hope that only offers life and health! A Hope that transcends mortal life of the this Age into the Age-enduring life of the next! It is the very atmosphere of Heaven!

Jesus saw past the betrayals, the beatings, the horror of crucifixion, the emptiness of Death itself! He rose on the third day! Divine Hope conquerors all!

You see my friends, Divine Hope is more than an ideal, it is a Person! A Divine Person! Lord Jesus Christ!

He sends you the Grace of His Hope—- His Presence to you in the gift of the Holy Spirit! To live with you and in you! The Shared Life! You have a Hope now living in you that transcends life in this mortal Age!

Walk with Him! Realize the fragrance of His Hope! Live in the laughter of His Hope! Rest in the assurance of His Hope!

If you’ve never experienced this—you can! Freely! It is a grace given you! It is your inheritance as an Image Bearer! Simply open your heart—and ask.

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