Identity, Self Worth, and the Image Within

Most folks live in the Now and have have no concept of history. More importantly, folks miss the wisdom of knowing how much of ‘who‘ we are has very much to do with generations that have gone on before us!

Ever hear that saying, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’? I think that is mostly true in the realm of human experience. One reason being, we humans rarely learn from the past, seems in our ignorance, whether willful or not, we are doomed to repeat our failings.

If you haven’t heard of Noah, google him, or take a look in the first Book in the Bible titled Genesis. Chapter 6:5-8/11-13. Therein is a description of the state of Humanity.

Every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil…all the time../they had become corrupted…the earth was filled with violence. So much so, that our Creator was going to destroy us…and did…except for Noah and his family. They were given the task to start repopulating the earth all over again.

Let’s take a look at this from our Creator’s view. God revealed His name to Moses—-I AM. Interesting name. God is Who he is—always. He is unchanging. He is always present. He is Light. He is Love. He Is.

He designed us and created us in ‘His image and likeness’. We are little ‘i am’s’. Our calling, our purpose, our reason for being is to outshine a little of Who he is. Wow! What a reason to be! This is the source of our Identity and our self-worth!

Can you imagine the noble, high state of the Human Race descending into a mutated, depraved form of being? So much so, that the Race had completely forgotten Who they were and now pursued vain and evil reasons for their being, forfeiting their true identity and worth in exchange for violence, perversity, emptiness, and the great Lie of the Evil One. The Creator was left with no choice but to destroy them and begin again with Noah.

How many folks today are privy to this story? How many folks today have seen a parent drink themselves to death and yet pursue a drunken lifestyle? or Drugs? Or crime? Or sexual promiscuity? Or any other forms of mutating the image hidden within them, the image of the I AM?

You see, this Lie of this Age is humans do not know who they are, so they must pursue things or people to find out the answer to that question, and in doing so, that become entangled in the same deceit as our race did in Noah’s day.

Dear reader, the Good News is God did what we could never do, He became human, lived a life we could not live understanding exactly who he was, and was crucified by evil men. But in killing Jesus, they were killing the human race in Him. In placing his body in the tomb, they were placing broken humanity in the tomb. And when he rose again, he left broken humanity in the grave, and took us with him into heaven reconciling the Race back to our Creator, reestablishing a renewed image of God in us all!

There is no reason to live in the Lie any longer! Your value and identity has been restored! You are a little ‘i am’. Christ comes to live in you to empower you to do so! We are not on our own! He is always with us!

If this is the first time you have heard this Good news, receive it, embrace it, the Holy Spirit will seal you and you will know intuitively that you are a new creation! Begin to learn how to live in the Truth! It is an adventure you have always been desiring!

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