Oracles of Eden - Paperback

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Oracles of Eden

Inhabiting the universe of the Silver Sea are the Destiners: able-bodied, eagle-like beings that are swift of sword and wing. One day Raeh, having a predilection for danger, flies into the forbidden zone where a magnetic force overtakes him and pulls him into a portal. He is spit from the portal's end into a magical jungle, where he glimpses the Image Maker. Raeh returns to the Silver Sea with an unquenchable yearning for power. Persuasive and ambitious, he wins the allegiance of many of the Chayil, the Image Maker's angelic host, and incites a rebellion. A torrid upheaval ensues, befouling the heavens with angelic blood while Raeh increases in power. Valerian and Aurea, the firstborn of the Image Maker on a new planet, dwell contently in the Garden of Delights, but their hearts will soon be tested. So begins a journey in which all the Image Maker's created beings will discover the immense power of choice and its inevitable consequences.

- Available in Digital Format (Kindle), Hardcover & Paperback

About the Author

Michael Zadai is an author, singer-songwriter, and photographer. He utilizes all these gifts to weave a tale that leads readers on a journey of discovering their true purpose and that they are, indeed, fashioned in the image of the One who created everything.
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